Containment and Temporary Wall Solutions in Coral Gables

Meeting the Needs of the Healthcare Industry in Coral Gables

Hospitals play a significant and crucial role in the lives of the people who live around them. And they’re dealing with more issues than ever before. At Modern Containment Systems, we are aware of the fact that the demands of our customers are always evolving. Adaptability is dependent on their ability to identify problems early, have a clear vision, and be flexible in how they address them. Please do not hesitate to contact us at this time if you require temporary wall Solutions in Coral Gables. Let us know if we can help you!

We’re all familiar with the fact that Coral Gables is densely populated and home to a plethora of structures. Because there is never enough room in hospitals, and more cannot be built, this presents a challenge for them. Furthermore, they must constantly keep in mind the safety and well-being of their patients, employees, and visitors. This must be their first priority at all times. For hospitals, we can set up their facilities without diverting attention away from their patients.

Modern Containment Systems – An Introduction

When it comes to temporary containment wall units, STARC Systems has a full-service rental collaborator in our company. It’s convenient because it’s in South Florida.

We’ve learned a lot about hospital space requirements from previous projects. Particularly in Coral Gables, we recognize the need to stay inside a specific boundary. They are able to achieve their requirements swiftly thanks to our high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Our experts will pay great attention to what you have to say when you come to us with your space issues. In order to create solutions that fulfill your specific requirements, we need to know exactly what you want. It is our belief that we are an integral component of the South Florida community. We have a proven track record of meeting the expectations of our clients and doing it in a timely manner. If you ask anyone in the Coral Gables community about us, they’ll say we know how to build hospitals well.

Our Products

Many various things are required of a health care center. Our lab-quality materials are frequently utilized in cleanrooms. They’re ideal for medical facilities.

As our nation’s health care system continues to evolve, we’ve witnessed hospitals undergo steady transformation over the last few years. Because of your hospital’s restricted space, you may have to rethink the utilization of some areas. Do just that using our systems. Many projects, including creating Covid-Isolation solutions and extending an emergency department at a nearby hospital, have recently been completed.

Our Service Options in Coral Gables

We take pride in the fact that we understand that no two hospitals are alike and that the challenges they encounter are likely to be distinct from one another. It’s our job to figure out exactly what your issues are and then provide you with a solution that will work.

Some of our clients choose to purchase their equipment directly from the manufacturer and have us configure them, while others prefer to use our rental choices.

Full-Service Rental Services in Coral Gables

The term “concierge” refers to the services we provide for all of our clients. We provide a complete range of rental services, including the following:

  • Site estimation
  • System delivery
  • Containment set up (with a focus on air-tight tolerances)
  • Dismantling (upon scheduled completion)
  • Materials removal

We know that no matter what happens, your business will not be disrupted. Your patients rely on your 24-hour medical care. As a result, we’ll work around your team to minimize disruption. Because we realize you don’t have time to spare, we adapt around your schedule.

Direct Purchase

Renting isn’t for everyone. Indeed, many of our customers choose to purchase their STARC Equipment systems directly from the manufacturer. We’re fine with this if it’s the best course of action for an organization. We’re ready to put our expertise to work for you and take care of your project. Our team’s speed is a result of the familiarity of the members with these materials.

We are capable of working with you regardless of the model you decide to go with.

Coral Gable’s Responsive Customer Service

In addition to their extensive knowledge of our products, our Modern Containment staff is also well-versed in the healthcare business as a whole.

Customer service is equally as important as providing high-quality goods.

The South Florida area is where we are committed to staying, and we are here to suit your individual needs. Because of our large inventory in South Florida, we are able to provide services quickly and uphold your standards in the event of an emergency.

Contact Us Today in Coral Gables

If your situation changes and you need to reorganize the space you already have, we are happy to help. There’s no doubt that we’ll provide you with the greatest products and services possible, as we’re working with industry experts.

Call 954.541.5849 for a free consultation on containment and temporary wall solutions in Coral Gables. In this meeting, we’ll be able to learn more about your infrastructure and discuss how we can best serve you. Welcome to the South Florida Business Community! We’re looking forward to working with you soon.