Containment and Temporary Wall Solutions in Deerfield Beach

Temporary Wall Systems in Deerfield Beach

Those in the market for a temporary wall system in Deerfield Beach, Florida need to look no further than our company. STARC Systems is the best in the business when it comes to computer networks. Airports, train stations, organizations, businesses, and shopping malls are just a few of the many places across the world that include a STARC System. Because of its versatility and longevity, this technology will be useful to construction teams at every stage of a project. Barriers and wall systems for construction sites are convenient since they can be set up rapidly and in a variety of configurations. Modern Containment Systems provides versatile modular wall solutions to meet your specific needs. If you need to divide something up, this approach is at its most effective. RealWall® and LiteBarrier® are two examples of STARC Systems’ modular, flexible walls. Easy disassembly and reassembly with minimal tool use. We at Modern Containment Systems will not merely erect makeshift barriers on your behalf. We also offer assistance with system setup and relocation. When it comes to erecting temporary walls and other types of containment in Deerfield Beach, we are the undisputed masters.

Modern Temporary Modular Wall Systems: Fast, Easy, Dependable, and Fire-Rated

Clinics, airlines, data centers, bio/life sciences labs, corporate offices, and schools are just some of the many places where STARC Systems’ RealWall®, LiteBarrier®, and FireblockWall® have revolutionized the use of modular barriers. Temporary containment walls are becoming increasingly popular in commercial and industrial situations when fast action is necessary to separate workers or protect damage from the weather during development. High-quality temporary containment systems can be erected, relocated, and reconfigured hundreds of times without losing their efficacy; this is because they meet ICRA Class IV and ASTM E84 requirements. They are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than drywall, which must be thrown away after each use and creates a tremendous mess. Do you need somewhere to put things while you work on a project? If so, maybe we can assist!

Our RealWall® panels are made with only the highest quality materials, and we offer a three-year warranty to prove it. No twisting or racketing will occur because of the rigid panels used in its construction. In order to sell panels, they must be created in the USA and pass our stringent quality inspections.

Drywall production times could be slashed in half with the help of a fireproof modular containment system. FireblockWall is compatible with RealWall® and LiteBarrier®, two of the most widely used temporary wall systems on the market today. Each makes use of rails that can be adjusted in both height and length.

With its RealWall® foundation, STARC Systems’ LiteBarrier® dust partition containment system is an unwavering example of industry-leading excellence. When a barrier solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to set up is needed, LiteBarrier® systems are hard to beat. Many industries, including the bio/life sciences, airports, data centers, office buildings, healthcare, and hospitality, can function adequately without the need for soundproofing.

Since it is resistant to impact, denting, and scratching, the partition is superior to polycarbonate plastic options for lightweight confinement. The height can be adjusted from 6 meters (10 feet) to 3 meters (10.0 feet) with the use of a fiberglass-reinforced polymer panel and a lightweight anodized aluminum framework.

When using our panel connector, installation is as simple as lifting and dropping. One hour, give or take, is all it takes to construct a 100-foot wall, provided the materials are high-quality and the builder is experienced. The system satisfies or surpasses the requirements of ASTM E-84 and ICRA Class IV, and it is hermetically sealed with gaskets on the top and bottom.

Install & Rent Full-Service Temporary Walls For Your Business

From the initial site evaluation all the way through the ultimate destruction, we are here to help. Temporary enclosures are typically completed by our on-site technicians in less than 24 hours.

The walls can be molded to fit any construction site because they don’t have to be supported by frames or other permanent components. They have such high durability that you can keep using them without fear. Our retractable walls may be built to any size and can be made to last as long as you need them to.

We have a group ready to assist in case of a sudden emergency. After a crisis has been resolved, you can count on us to quickly resume normal operations.

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