Containment and Temporary Wall Solutions in Jupiter

Temporary Wall Systems in Jupiter

We have earned a reputation as Jupiter’s premier provider of temporary wall solutions from STARC Systems. Worldwide, STARC Systems can be found in areas including airports, train stations, campuses, workplaces, and retail centers. Easy to assemble, portable, sturdy, and versatile, this system is an excellent resource for contractors. The construction barricade or wall system can now be erected rapidly, relocated if necessary, redesigned, and reused in later stages of the project. Modular wall solutions like the ones Modern Containment Systems provides and installs are flexible. Partitioning is thus a perfect use case for the system. STARC Systems’ RealWall™ and LiteBarrier™ are just two examples of their modular wall solutions that are easy to set up, relocate, and alter. There aren’t many implements needed for assembly or disassembly. We at Modern Containment Systems won’t just rapidly erect your temporary containment systems. However, if the system ever needs to be relocated or modified, we will also offer a service to maintain and restore it.

Modern Temporary Modular Wall Systems: Fast, Easy, Dependable, and Fire-Rated

Hospitals, airports, data centers, the bio/life sciences, offices, and schools are just some of the places where STARC Systems’ RealWall™, LiteBarrier™, and FireblockWall™ are revolutionizing the use of reusable modular walls. We have established the widespread application of temporary containment walls in all types of commercial and industrial settings where rapid response is required for the segregation of labor or protection from the weather during construction. These high-end temporary containment systems are flexible enough to be set up, transported, and modified hundreds of times while still fulfilling ICRA Class IV and ASTM E84 criteria. Compared to drywall, which must be disposed of in a messy and time-consuming manner after each usage, they are cheaper and better for the environment. Checking over our inventory in search of the best short-term storage solution for your undertaking?

When it comes to soundproofing a space, nothing compares to STARC’s RealWall™. In addition to being up to 50 percent quieter than conventional walls and having the appearance of a real wall that mixes in with its surroundings, it also meets or surpasses ICRA Class IV and ASTM E-84 requirements. Installation of the system is rapid and simple. In just one hour, two workers can build a 100-foot wall.

Our RealWall™  panels are made from Class A materials and come with a three-year warranty, ensuring their quality and longevity. Sturdy panel construction is used so that there is no twisting or rack. Each panel we sell is made with care and attention to detail in American factories.

Consider a fire-resistant modular containment system that can be built in half the time it takes to install drywall. FireblockWall is a trusted temporary wall system that is compatible with RealWall™ and LiteBarrier™, two popular options in the construction industry. All three use the same lift-and-drop connectors and telescopic tracks.

STARC Systems’ LiteBarrier™ dust partition containment system, inspired by the RealWall™ system, is designed to be the most long-lasting option available. The LiteBarrier™ system is ideal for uses that call for frequent setup and teardown, rapid turnaround, and visually arresting containment. In fields such as the bio/life sciences, airports, data centers, office buildings, healthcare, and hospitality, it is a viable solution where sound absorption is not required.

It outperforms polycarbonate plastic systems in terms of impact, dent, and scratch resistance, making the partition the best option for lightweight containment. Its fiberglass-reinforced polymer panel and lightweight anodized aluminum framework allow it to extend from 6 feet 10 inches to 10 feet 3 inches in height.

Installation is quick, straightforward, and hassle-free with our lift-and-drop panel connection. It just takes one person an hour to build a 100-foot wall. Top and bottom panel gasketing ensure that the system meets or surpasses airtightness requirements set out by ASTM E-84 and ICRA Class IV.

Installing & Renting Full-Service Temporary Walls For Your Business

We will help you with all you need, including a site assessment, system delivery, containment setup, and eventual deconstruction. Our on-site specialists oversee the temporary containment process, which often allows for planned activities to be carried out on the same day.

Since they are not supported by frames or other permanent structures, the temporary walls can be made to fit any construction site. They’re long-lasting, so you can use them for as long as you like. Our permanent, frameless partitions may be set up anywhere, in any size, and for as long as you like.

We have a 24-hour emergency response team ready to go. In times of crisis, you can rely on our staff to immediately resume normal operations.

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