Containment and Temporary Wall Solutions in Key Largo

Temporary Wall Systems in Key Largo

We are the best-rated and official installer of STARC Systems temporary wall solutions in Key Largo. STARC Systems is utilized at airports, transit stations, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, and other public places all around the world. This system is a fantastic tool for contractors because it is simple to set up, lightweight, strong, and reusable. Now, you may quickly build a barricade or wall, move it around if necessary, alter its design, and reuse the construction barricade or wall system for the project’s subsequent phases. The modular wall solutions offered and installed by Modern Containment Systems are adaptable. The system is therefore excellent for partitions! Modular wall solutions from STARC Systems, such RealWall™ and LiteBarrier™, may be set up, moved, and modified as required. Assembly and disassembly require only a small number of tools. At Modern Containment Systems, we’ll not just put up your temporary containment systems for you quickly. Nevertheless, we’ll also provide a service to maintain the system and bring it back anytime it has to be moved or reconfigured.

Modern Temporary Modular Wall Systems: Fast, Easy, Dependable, and Fire-Rated

STARC Systems is leveraging RealWall™, LiteBarrier™, and FireblockWall™ to revolutionize what is possible with reusable modular walls in a range of settings, including hospitals, airports, data centers, the bio/life sciences, office space, and education. We have solidified the use of temporary containment walls for all industries and businesses alike that need a quick solution for either departmentalization of their workforce, or a barrier against the elements during active construction. While still meeting ICRA Class IV and ASTM E84 requirements, these high-end temporary containment systems are adaptable enough to be erected, transported, and modified hundreds of times. They are also more reasonably priced and environmentally friendly than drywall, which requires messy, time-consuming disposal after each use. Looking through our goods for the finest temporary containment option for your project?

The RealWall™ from STARC is the only and strongest sound-dampening confinement system on the market. It offers unmatched durability and stability, looks like a real wall that blends into the surroundings, satisfies or exceeds ICRA Class IV and ASTM E-84 criteria, and reduces noise by up to 50%. The system is quick, easy, and hassle-free to install. Two workers can install 100′ of wall in one hour.

Our RealWall™ panels are constructed with durable Class A materials, come with a three-year warranty, and are designed to last. We use a strong panel construction that won’t twist or rack. Our panels are produced in American factories with a focus on high quality and sustainability.

Think of a containment system that is modular, four times faster to construct than drywall, and has hour-long fire resistance. That is FireblockWall, a reliable temporary wall system that shares lift-and-drop connectors and telescopic tracks with RealWall™ and LiteBarrier™, which are well-liked choices among construction workers.

The RealWall™ system’s innovative engineering has been included in STARC Systems’ new, lightweight dust partition containment system, called LiteBarrier™, which is meant to be the most durable in its class. For applications that require frequent reconfiguration, quick turnaround, and stunning confinement, the LiteBarrier™ system is a great option. It serves as a good alternative where sound dampening is not necessary for the bio/life sciences, airports, data centers, office buildings, healthcare, and the hospitality sector.

The partition is the greatest choice for lightweight containment since it is highly durable and performs significantly better than polycarbonate plastic systems in terms of impact, dent, and scratch resistance. It is constructed of a fiberglass-reinforced polymer panel and a thin anodized aluminum frame that telescopes from 6′-10″ to 10′-3″.

Our simple lift and drop panel connection makes installation quick, easy, and trouble-free. One person can install 100′ of wall in one hour. The system satisfies or exceeds ASTM E-84 standards and ICRA Class IV requirements for an airtight solution as a result of the top and bottom panel gasketing.

Installing & Renting Full-Service Temporary Walls For Your Business

From site evaluation to system delivery, containment setup, and deconstruction, we’ve got your back. Our field experts supervise the temporary containment procedure, which frequently permits specified operations to take place on the same day.

The temporary walls may be scaled to fit any size project site because they don’t rely on frames or other typical supports. They are durable, so they will last as long as you need them to. Our frameless walls are made to be erected anywhere, in any size, and for as long as you choose.

We are ready to respond to crises around-the-clock. You can rely on our team to carry out regular operations when you need us the most. 

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