Containment and Temporary Wall Solutions in Lake Worth

Temporary Wall Systems in Lake Worth

Temporary fencing and walls may be found in abundance in Lake Worth, Florida, so there’s no need to look further. If you require a modular temporary confinement wall, STARC Systems is your best bet. STARC Systems are in place for the benefit of the public in many public spaces including airports, train stations, schools, institutions, and even certain shopping centers. Because of its versatility and longevity, this technology can be used during any phase of team development. Temporary walls and barriers that can be erected and dismantled quickly and inexpensively are essential for worker safety on construction sites. The modular wall systems from Modern Containment Systems are highly flexible. If you’re working with a component that can benefit from the subdivision, you’ll find that this method really shines. Some examples of STARC Systems’ modular, flexible wall systems include the RealWall® and the LiteBarrier®. It can be put together and taken apart with minimal tool use. Modern containment methods can be used for more than merely making makeshift barriers. We can also help you with moving and setting up your new place. We are experts at constructing temporary walls and other forms of temporary wall solutions in Lake Worth.

Modern Temporary Modular Wall Systems: Fast, Easy, Dependable, and Fire-Rated

Hospitals, airlines, data centers, bio/life sciences labs, enterprises, and schools are just some of the places where STARC Systems’ RealWall®, LiteBarrier®, and FireblockWall® have revolutionized the use of modular barriers. Temporary containment barriers have found significant use in commercial and industrial contexts where rapid separation of workers is required or where properties must be protected from weather damage during development. Systems constructed to ASTM E84 and the International Classification of Risk Assessment (ICRA) standards can be moved and rearranged without losing any of their effectiveness. When compared to drywall, which is expensive to replace and creates a tremendous mess after each use, they are a better economic and ecological choice. Need a location to work while you look for a permanent one. We might be able to assist if that’s the case.

Each RealWall® panel is made by hand by experienced craftspeople and comes with a 3-year guarantee on the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. The solid panels mean it won’t bend or squeak. In order to be sold, a panel must be 100% American-made and pass all of our quality checks.

Drywall production times can be shortened in half by using a fireproof modular containment system. The popular RealWall® and LiteBarrier® temporary wall systems are only two examples of those that are compatible with FireblockWall. Different configurations call for a different number and length of rails.

STARC Systems’ LiteBarrier® dust partition containment system, developed on the RealWall® platform, exemplifies cutting-edge efficiency in the field of dust control. Due to its simple yet effective design, the LiteBarrier® system has become the industry standard for barrier systems. The biomedical and biological sciences, as well as airports, data centers, enterprises, hospitals, and hotels, do not require soundproofing.

The wall outperforms polycarbonate plastic, another lightweight containment option, due to its resistance to denting and scratching. Its lightweight anodized aluminum framework may be adjusted in height from 3 to 6 meters (10 to 20 ft) with the use of a fiberglass-reinforced polymer panel.

The only work involved in using our panel interface is picking it up and putting it back down. A 100-foot wall can be built in roughly an hour using high-quality materials and a competent builder. The system’s compliance with ASTM E-84 and ICRA Class IV regulations is ensured by gaskets on both the top and bottom.

Install & Rent Full-Service Temporary Walls For Your Business

Our staff will be available for consultation at every stage of the project, from the initial site assessment through the final destruction. Our skilled crew can construct a makeshift enclosure at your location in one day or less.

Without the need for frames or other permanent fixtures, the walls can be shaped to match any building site. Their longevity means they can be used for as long as you choose. We sell retractable barriers of any height, width, and strength.

When time is of importance, count on our team to deliver. Have faith that everything will return to normal once the pressing issue has been resolved.

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