Containment and Temporary Wall Solutions in Lighthouse Point

Temporary Wall Systems in Lighthouse Point

If you need solutions for containment and temporary walls in Lighthouse Point, Florida, you don’t have to look anywhere else. STARC Systems is the market leader when it comes to modular temporary containment walls. Airports, train stations, schools, businesses, and shopping malls are just some of the many places where a STARC System can be found. This technology will help building teams at every stage of a project because it can be changed and lasts for a long time. Barriers and wall systems for construction sites are useful because they can be put together quickly and in different ways. Modern Containment Systems has flexible modular wall systems to meet your specific needs. When you need to divide something, this method is especially useful. RealWall® and LiteBarrier® are two examples of walls made by STARC Systems that are modular and flexible. Few tools are needed to put it together and take it apart. Modern Containment Systems won’t just help you make makeshift barriers. We can also help with installing and moving systems. We are the best at putting up temporary walls and other ways to keep things in Lighthouse Point.

Modern Temporary Modular Wall Systems: Fast, Easy, Dependable, and Fire-Rated

STARC Systems’ RealWall®, LiteBarrier®, and FireblockWall® have changed how modular barriers are used in a wide range of places, such as clinics, airplanes, data centers, bio/life sciences labs, corporate offices, and schools. Temporary containment walls are being used more and more in commercial and industrial settings when workers need to be separated quickly or property needs to be protected from weather damage while construction is going on. Good temporary containment systems can be set up, moved, and changed hundreds of times without losing their effectiveness because they meet ICRA Class IV and ASTM E84 standards. They are cheaper and better for the environment than drywall, which has to be thrown away after every use and makes a huge mess. Do you need a place to keep things while you work on a project? If so, we might be able to help!

RealWall® panels are made with only the best materials, and they come with a three-year warranty. The strong panels used to build it will keep it from twisting or making noise. To be sold, panels must be made in the United States and meet our strict quality standards.

The time it takes to make drywall could be cut in half with a fire-proof modular containment system. FireblockWall can be used with both RealWall® and LiteBarrier®, which are two of the most popular temporary wall systems on the market right now. Rails are used in both, and their height and length can be changed.

With its RealWall® base, STARC Systems’ LiteBarrier® dust partition containment system is an unshakeable example of cutting-edge performance. LiteBarrier® systems are hard to beat when you need a barrier solution that is both attractive and easy to set up. Businesses that don’t need soundproofing include those in the bio/life sciences, airports, data centers, office buildings, healthcare, and hospitality.

The wall is better than polycarbonate plastic options for lightweight confinement because it can’t be dented or scratched. The height can be changed from 6 meters (10 feet) to 3 meters (about 10 feet) by using a lightweight anodized aluminum frame and a fiberglass-reinforced polymer panel (10.0 feet).

With our panel connector, all you have to do to install a panel is lift and drop it. A 100-foot wall can be built in about an hour if the materials are good and the builder is good at what they do. The system is completely sealed with gaskets on the top and bottom, and it meets or exceeds ASTM E-84 and ICRA Class IV standards.

Install & Rent Full-Service Temporary Walls For Your Business

We can help you with everything from the first site evaluation to the last demolition. Most of the time, temporary enclosures can be finished by our experts on-site in less than a day.

The walls don’t need frames or other long-lasting parts to hold them up, so they can be shaped to fit any building site. Because they last so long, you can use them for as long as you want. Our retractable walls can be made to fit your needs in terms of size and how long they last.

If something comes up out of the blue, we have a team ready to help. When a crisis is over, you can count on us to get back to business as usual as soon as possible.

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