Containment and Temporary Wall Solutions in Miami Beach

Meeting the Needs of the Healthcare Industry in Miami Beach

Hospitals help the people in the communities where they are located in important and necessary ways. And these institutions are facing more problems than ever before. We at Modern Containment Systems understand that their needs change all the time. Their ability to change quickly depends on their ability to pinpoint problems early, have a clear vision, and be flexible in how they deal with them. Call Modern Containment Systems today if you need temporary wall solutions in Miami Beach. We can assist!

We all know that Miami has a lot of people and a lot of buildings. This is a problem for hospitals because there is never enough room and they can’t just build more. Furthermore, they must always think about their patients’, staff’s, and visitors’ safety and well-being. This must stay their number one goal. We can help hospitals set up their facilities without taking the focus off of their patients, where it should be.

Modern Containment Systems – An Introduction

Our company is the only full-service rental partner of STARC Systems, which is known for its temporary containment wall units. It is located in South Florida, which makes it easy to get to.

From our past work, we know a lot about the space needs of hospitals. We understand that, especially in Miami Beach, they have to work within a certain footprint. Our top-notch products and quick customer service help them meet their needs quickly.

When you talk to our professionals about your space problems, they will pay close attention to what you say. Once we know exactly what you need, we can use our high-quality products to design systems that meet your needs. As a family-run business in South Florida, we see ourselves as an important part of the area. We respond quickly to our clients’ wants and have a good track record of making sure they are happy. When people in the Miami Beach area think of us, they think of the best ways to build hospitals.

Our Products

As a health care facility, you need to have a lot of different things. Our products are lab-quality, so they are used a lot in cleanrooms. They are perfect for healthcare practices. 

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen hospitals constantly change to meet the evolving demands of the country’s health care system. Because you have limited space, you may need to change the way parts of your hospital are used. With our systems, you can do exactly that. We have just finished a lot of work, such as making Covid-Isolation solutions and expanding the emergency room at a local hospital.

Our Service Options in Miami Beach

One of our best qualities is that we know that each hospital is different and that the problems it faces are probably different from those of other hospitals. At Modern Containment Systems, we take the time to figure out exactly what your problems are and give you solutions that will work.

Many of our clients choose to use our full-service rental options, but some prefer to buy their parts directly from the manufacturer and have us install them.

Full-Service Rental Services in Miami Beach

We take care of everything for all of our clients, which is what “concierge” means. We offer full-service rental services, which include:

  • Site estimation
  • System delivery
  • Containment set up (with a focus on air-tight tolerances)
  • Dismantling (upon scheduled completion)
  • Materials removal

We understand that your business can’t be stopped for any reason. You provide important medical services, 24-7,  to your patients. So, we will work around your staff to cause as little disturbance as possible. We work around your schedule because we know you don’t have time to waste.

Direct Purchase

Not everyone should rent. In fact, many of our clients choose to buy their systems straight from STARC Systems, the company that makes them. If this is the best way for a company to go, we don’t mind. We’re ready to put our skills to use and take care of your installation. Because the people on our team have worked with these materials before, we are very fast.

No matter which model you choose, we are ready to work with you.

Miami Beach’s Responsive Customer Service

Our Modern Containment team not only knows everything there is to know about our products, but they also know a lot about hospitals and the healthcare industry in general.

Customer service is just as crucial as high-quality products.

We have, of course, promised to stay in the South Florida area, and we are always here to meet your specific needs. We even keep a big stock in South Florida, which cuts down on delivery time and lets us match your expectations right away.

Contact Us Today in Miami Beach

Certainly, our team will assist if your needs have shifted and you need to rearrange the space you already have. We can, of course, give you the best products and services from people who know about them the best. 

Call us at 954.541.5849 to set up a free consultation about containment and temporary wall solutions in Miami Beach. During this meeting, we can find out more about what’s going on with your facilities and talk about how we can help you the most. We are happy to be part of the South Florida Business Community and are excited to work with you.