temporary wall solutions in Miami

Containment and Temporary Wall Solutions in Miami

Meeting the Needs of the Healthcare Industry in Miami

Hospitals provide necessary and valuable services to the communities in which they are located.  And today, these institutions face more challenges than ever before.  At Modern Containment Systems, we appreciate the fact that their needs are constantly changing. Their ability to adapt quickly is dependent upon early identification of issues, a clear vision, and flexibility in responding. If you’re in need of temporary wall solutions in Miami then give Modern Containment systems a call today! We can help!

We know that Miami is heavily populated and real estate is incredibly dense.  This proves to be an issue for hospitals: there is never enough space and they don’t have the luxury of expansion. In addition, they must always focus on the health and well-being of their patients, staff, and visitors.  This must remain their first priority. We can assist hospitals with their facility configurations without taking focus away from where it belongs, on their patients.

Modern Containment Systems – An Introduction

Conveniently located in South Florida, our firm is the only full-service rental partner of STARC Systems, a company well-known for its temporary containment wall units.

Based on our experience, we are well-versed in the space needs facing hospitals.  We appreciate that they need to function,  especially in Miami,  under a predetermined footprint. Our highest quality products and responsive service help them adapt to their needs efficiently.

When you discuss your space challenges with us, our professionals will actively listen to you. Once we have a complete understanding of your requirements, we can design systems, using our top-notch products, to meet them. As a family-owned business, we view ourselves as an integral member of the South Florida community. We respond quickly to our client’s needs and have a proven reputation for client satisfaction. Our name is synonymous with the best construction solutions for hospitals in the Miami area.

Our Products

As a health care facility, your facilities require very specific materials.  Of course, our lab-quality products are widely used in cleanroom environments – they are ideal for healthcare systems. 

Over the past few years, we have witnessed hospitals constantly pivoting to meet the changing healthcare needs of the country. Because of the space constraints under which you operate, you may need to repurpose areas of your hospital. Our systems allow you to do just that. Recent work we have completed includes the creation of Covid-Isolation solutions and the expansion of the emergency room capacity at a local hospital.

Our Service Options in Miami

One of our greatest strengths is recognizing that each hospital is unique – obstacles one faces are likely different from another.  At Modern Containment Systems, we take the time to understand the exact issues facing you and offer tailored, specific, and workable solutions.

While many of our clients elect to leverage our full-service rental options, others prefer to purchase their components directly from the manufacturer and work with us for installation.

Full-Service Rental Services in Miami

We approach all of our clients with a concierge vision – this means that we handle everything. The full-service rental services we provide include the following: 

  • Site estimation
  • System delivery
  • Containment set up (with a focus on air-tight tolerances)
  • Dismantling (upon scheduled completion)
  • Materials removal

Of course, we understand that your business simply cannot be interrupted. You provide valuable care, 24-7,  to your patients.  As such, we will work around your staff to minimize any disruption. We are available based on your schedule – we know you have no time to waste.

Direct Purchase

Renting isn’t for everyone.  In fact, many of our clients elect to purchase their systems directly from the manufacturer, STARC Systems. If this makes the most sense for your business, it is not an issue for us. We stand ready to leverage our skills and manage your installation process. Because our team members are experienced with these specific materials, we are incredibly efficient.  

We are ready to work with you, regardless of which model you choose.

Miami’s Responsive Customer Service

As important as quality products are responsive and knowledgeable service. Our Modern Containment team not only knows our products inside and out, but is also intimately familiar with the healthcare industry in general, and specifically hospitals. 

Of course, we appreciate that your needs change frequently and often without warning. Sometimes situations arise, like assistance with containment, where you will need our services immediately.

Of course, we have made a commitment to the South Florida area and are available to meet your needs at all times. We even keep a significant inventory in South Florida, minimizing delivery time and allowing us to respond to your needs immediately. 

Contact Us Today in Miami

Of course, if your needs have changed and you need to reconfigure your existing space, our team stands ready to help. Of course, we can provide you with the very best products and knowledgeable service. We are ready to talk to you today.

Contact us at 954.541.5849 to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation for containment and temporary wall solutions in Miami. During this meeting, we can learn more about your facilities’ situation and share how we can best assist you.  We are proud to be a member of the South Florida Business Community and look forward to working with you.