Containment and Temporary Wall Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens

Temporary Wall Systems in Palm Beach Gardens

Temporary fencing and walls are easily accessible in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, so there’s no need to look further. If you need a modular, temporary structure, STARC Systems is your best bet. Many public spaces, including airports, train stations, schools, institutions, and even some shopping malls, have implemented STARC Systems for the safety of their patrons. Because of its flexibility and longevity, this technology can be used by communities at any stage of development. Temporary barriers that may be erected and dismantled rapidly are often used to keep construction workers safe. MCS’s modular wall solutions can be adjusted to work in a variety of settings. This method really shines when used on a practical subset of the components. STARC Solutions provides a variety of modular and customizable wall systems, including RealWall® and LiteBarrier®. To put up or take apart, all you need are some basic tools and some straightforward instructions. With modern confinement methods, temporary walls are unnecessary. Our services also include helping with packing, loading, and unloading. We are the premier provider of temporary walls and associated services in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Any Company Can Benefit from Using Temporary Walls

Hospitals, airports, data centers, bio/life sciences labs, corporations, and schools are just some of the places that have benefited from STARC Systems’ RealWall®, LiteBarrier®, and FireblockWall®. The widespread use of temporary containment barriers in commercial and industrial settings is a direct result of the frequent necessity for fast separation of people or protection of properties from weather damage during construction. Systems constructed in accordance with ASTM E84 or the ICRA requirements are portable and can be reorganized without losing functionality. They’re the more sensible and eco-friendly choice than drywall, which is both difficult to install and difficult to clean up after. You’ll need someplace to work in the meanwhile. We might be able to assist if that’s the case.

RealWall® panels are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for three years. The inflexible walls are to blame for the bothersome background noise. Every panel we sell is made to order in the USA to ensure it meets all of our high requirements. Half the time is saved making drywall if a fireproof modular containment system is used. Temporary wall systems like RealWall® and LiteBarrier® are commonplace, and FireblockWall is compatible with them. The design determines the necessary rail length and the number of rails.

When it comes to containing dust, nothing beats STARC Systems’ RealWall®-based LiteBarrier® dust partition containment solution. The LiteBarrier® technology is the standard because it is effective and simple to implement. It’s unusual for a building to need soundproofing to be an airport, data center, company, hospital, or hotel.

The wall is superior to polycarbonate plastic, another lightweight containment option, because of its durability. With the addition of a fiberglass-reinforced polymer panel, the height of this lightweight anodized aluminum structure may be adjusted from 10 to 20 feet. Our panel interface requires no more effort than picking it up and setting it down. A wall 100 feet long may be built in approximately one hour using expert workers and durable materials. The system maintains compliance with ASTM E-84 and ICRA Class IV standards thanks to top and bottom gaskets.

Install Superior Temporary Walls At Your Business

Our team is here to help at every stage of the process, from the initial site evaluation to the ultimate destruction. Our skilled workforce can erect a makeshift wall in under twenty-four hours.

Because they don’t need frames or other fixed fittings, the walls can be shaped to fit any building site. You can use them forever because of how long they last. Just let us know the height and weight requirements for the retractable barriers you require. After the present issue has been resolved, things should go back to normal.

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