Containment and Temporary Wall Solutions in South Miami

The Top Temporary Wall Systems in South Miami

In South Miami, Florida, one can observe many types of makeshift fences and obstacles. STARC Systems is the company you call when an expedient requirement calls for a modular arrangement. Several places have put STARC Systems in place to protect its customers, including shopping malls, colleges, train stations, airports, and organizations. Both industrialized and developing countries can benefit from this technology because of its durability and versatility. It is common practice to protect construction workers with temporary barriers. 

MCS offers modular wall systems that are highly adjustable and multipurpose. When applied to a sizable portion of the components, this strategy works well. Just a couple of the adaptable and modular wall systems that STARC Solutions provides are RealWall® and LiteBarrier®. We can assemble and disassemble anything with ease because we have the required equipment and carefully take care of everything. Our South Miami crew has the most expertise when it comes to temporary wall solutions in South Florida.

How Temporary Walls Improve Your Business

Data centers, medical facilities, academic institutions, aerospace businesses, and bio/life science research laboratories are just a few of the places where STARC Systems’ RealWall®, LiteBarrier®, and FireblockWall® have been successfully deployed. In commercial and industrial settings, temporary containment barriers are commonly used to speed up employee segregation or shield assets from weather-related damage while construction is underway. These products are made to meet ASTM E84 or ICRA standards and are very flexible without sacrificing their functionality. Conversely, drywall necessitates more frequent and expensive installation and upkeep.

A three-year warranty against manufacturing defects applies to panels made by RealWall® from the date of purchase. There is nothing to stop the unwanted background noise from leaking past the strong barriers. We ensure that every panel we supply meets our exacting requirements by having it custom-fabricated in the United States. It is possible to cut the production of plasterboard in half by implementing a modular containment system that is fireproof. The performance of the FireblockWall system is outstanding when compared to other temporary wall solutions. The design specifies the requirements for both minimum and maximum length.

Utilizing LiteBarrier® dust partition containment technology, which is based on STARC Systems’ RealWall®, offers the best approach to dust management. Because of its dependable performance and easy-to-use interface, LiteBarrier® technology is considered the industry standard. The strength and durability of this wall are noticeably better than those of polycarbonate plastic, which is used as an alternative lightweight containment material. It is possible to alter the height between 10 and 20 feet by fastening the anodized aluminum framework to a fiberglass-reinforced vinyl panel. It takes a negligible amount of work to raise and lower our panel interface. Installing a 100-foot wall with our skilled workers, extensive knowledge, and sturdy materials takes around an hour.

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From the first site inspection to the final cleaning, our crew will be present for the duration of the demolition procedure. Within less than twenty-four hours, our skilled personnel can effectively build temporary wall solutions in South Miami. You may shape walls to fit any given space without the need for frames or other fixed components. We will obtain the obstacles on your behalf; still, you will need to indicate the required weight and height.

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