Rentable Containment Solutions For Data Centers

Maintain uninterrupted operations in your telecommunications and datacenter facilities. We provide superior construction dust and debris containment systems, allowing you to keep a clean environment while keeping temperatures where they should be to avoid hot spots and overcooling of mission-critical equipment during your construction project.

Construction dusts and debris, including airborne dusts and particles, are better contained. Secure — Compared to other options, our walls provide a more sturdy and secure enclosure. Installation and removal of containment walls as a full service — we handle everything so you can focus on what you do best. Installation is quick — 100 feet of wall may be built in approximately an hour. Temperature management — We use a 1-inch foam core to insulate our modular walls, which provides greater temperature control than some other options. In these essential facilities, maintaining temperature is critical, and our wall containment system helps to eliminate hot spots and overcooling of your power equipment. Our containment systems are more budget-friendly since our walls may be rented, making them a more cost-effective option within specific project budgets.