Fireblock Wall™: The Solution to Your Construction Problems

If you are a general contractor, you know how challenging every day can be. The job requires both the ability to comprehend the entirety of a project as well as the capacity to understand all of the components necessary to complete it. 

Fireblock Wall

As a general contractor, you must appreciate the wants and needs of your clients, effectively manage the different companies and workers addressing each of the project parts, carefully coordinate timing, and appropriately identify the best materials for each job. Fireblock Wall™ is a great tool.

For those contractors whose clients operate in the healthcare and academic industries, the selection of materials is key. Both schools and healthcare facilities have specific requirements when it comes to construction. In fact, many must adhere to the one-hour fire rating requirement.  This designation is provided to building materials that have the ability to resist the elements of a standard fire for one hour’s time.  In short, they provided added protection to the building’s occupants in case of an emergency. 
Additionally important in today’s environment is to be able to work quickly and efficiently.  Time is money, and the United States needs its schools and healthcare facilities to be operable. FireblockWall™ can help you satisfy the needs of your clients.

Fireblock Wall™ is Amazing Building Materials

First, FireblockWall™ building components meet the one-hour fire rating requirement.  And, they are reusable.  This means that if your client needs to reconfigure their workspace – a common requirement in this day and age. Because we rent and configure spaces, clients can leverage our services and skills when changes need to be made.  This saves them money and time (no need to re-order hard-to-source materials) and you can manage revisions quickly and easily.

In addition to being cost-effective and easy to use, these walls look great! They compliment any environment in which they are used, making them the first choice in fire-rated, reusable systems.

FireblockWall™ checks all the boxes. It helps if schools and hospitals can continue operating normally during renovations. Among its components are wall panels, air management panels, telescoping tracks, doors, corners, and accessories. In short, this system allows you to complete your jobs quickly and easily.

In an environment where safety is paramount and schedules are so demanding, Fireblock Wall™ does it all. This revolutionary product provides the highest quality safety with the flexibility clients need.

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