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Office Dividers

Office Dividers

The Best Office Dividers

It is critical to create work environments that are both accommodating and functional in the ever-changing world of modern offices. Utilizing office dividers strategically is a crucial component in reaching this goal. Notable for its cutting-edge solutions that transform workplace spaces, STARC Systems is one of the top suppliers in this field. Explore how office dividers from STARC Systems can transform your workspace as we take a closer look at this fascinating topic.

The Benefits of Office Dividers

Concentration and privacy can be difficult to maintain in an open office environment. By designating spaces for concentrated work, office dividers from STARC Systems provide a solution. Without giving up the collaborative environment of an open office, workers can still benefit from a private workstation.

Flexibility is one of the best qualities of the office dividers from STARC Systems. Easily reconfigurable to meet changing needs, these separators are not like standard walls. STARC Systems’ separators are easily adjustable to fit changing needs, whether you’re constructing individual workstations or collaborative spaces.

Safety and health at work have taken center stage in the wake of recent occurrences. This is why STARC Systems incorporates materials that encourage sanitation and cleanliness into their office divider designs. Furthermore, these partitions have the potential to function as tangible obstacles, reducing the transmission of bacteria and infections.

Office partitions from STARC Systems are made of premium materials that can resist repeated use and are therefore long-lasting. These dividers offer unsurpassed durability, assuring long-term performance whether they’re withstanding impacts or enduring wear and tear.

Extended building projects are a thing of the past. Office dividers from STARC Systems are simple to install, causing the least amount of disturbance to tasks. To ensure optimal flexibility, their modular architecture additionally enables simple and quick reconfiguration.

A variety of customization choices are available from STARC Systems because no two offices are the same. Customize your partitions to meet your specific functional and aesthetic needs, starting with size, form, color, and finish.

Office Dividers: Good value for money

Despite their initial seeming affordability, typical office separators sometimes result in further costs over time. Over time, the expense of replacements, repairs, and maintenance can mount. As an alternative, the office dividers from STARC Systems provide a long-lasting, reasonably priced solution with little upkeep needed.

STARC Systems’ workplace dividers are made to last, unlike standard walls that could need regular upkeep and repairs. These sturdy, low-maintenance dividers provide long-term savings and peace of mind.

Noise disturbance is one of the main issues with open office plans. By using materials that absorb sound, STARC Systems’ partitions solve this problem and provide a more peaceful and comfortable workspace. Workplace dividers might be difficult to integrate with current furnishings. Yet the modular architecture of STARC Systems makes integration easy and guarantees a harmonious work environment.

Sustainability is a major factor in an era where people are becoming more environmentally aware. Office dividers from STARC Systems have a minimal negative impact on the environment and a long lifespan because they are made of environmentally safe materials.


For contemporary offices, office dividers from STARC Systems provide a flexible and creative option. These dividers are made to satisfy the many demands of modern enterprises, from boosting privacy and focus to encouraging health and safety. Office dividers from STARC Systems have the strength, adaptability, and personalization possibilities to completely change your workspace. 

Temporary Wall Systems

Construction Temporary Wall for Offices


Temporary Wall Systems

STARC Systems Contruction Temporary Walls For Offices  

We have the best construction temporary walls for offices in Florida! Temporary wall systems that are adaptable, durable, and efficient are essential in the fast-paced world of construction. STARC Systems, a trailblazing firm in the forefront of construction solutions innovation,. Offering unmatched flexibility, durability, and ease of installation, STARC Systems’ unique temporary wall systems are revolutionizing the way builders handle containment, renovation, and remodeling projects.

Modern construction projects have strict requirements, and STARC Systems’ temporary wall systems are designed to satisfy those demands. These walls, with their unique modular design, are made of premium materials that provide outstanding performance and durability, keeping your project on track and under budget.

The temporary walls from STARC Systems are highly advantageous due to their adaptability and versatility to a broad range of applications. STARC Systems provides adaptable solutions that may be tailored to your unique needs and specifications, whether you’re working on a domestic remodeling project, a business fit-out, or a healthcare facility restoration.

The temporary walls from STARC Systems are made to offer excellent containment and dust management, reducing noise pollution in surrounding areas and guaranteeing a hygienic and secure work environment. These walls successfully enclose construction zones, shielding inhabitants and delicate equipment from dust, debris, and noise pollution thanks to their revolutionary compression-fit technique and seamless panel connectors.

Construction barriers that require a lot of time and labor are no longer in use. The temporary walls from STARC Systems can be rapidly and simply erected by a small team, which minimizes downtime and increases production at the construction site. These walls may be easily erected and reconfigured due to their lightweight and modular construction, which makes it possible to easily adjust them to changing project requirements.

Temporary walls from STARC Systems are far less expensive than conventional containment techniques, without sacrificing performance. These solutions assist contractors in streamlining their operations and increasing overall project efficiency by lowering labor and material expenses related to installing and dismantling temporary barriers. Additionally, STARC Systems’ dedication to sustainability makes sure that its products support green construction programs and are safe for the environment.

It takes time and effort to properly plan and design to get the most out of STARC Systems’ temporary walls. Assess your project’s needs in close consultation with their team of experts, and together you will create a customized containment plan that maximizes efficiency, reduces interruptions, and guarantees regulatory compliance.

Make sure all of the members of your construction team are properly trained and educated on how to install and maintain the temporary walls from STARC Systems. You can attain the best outcomes and steer clear of expensive blunders during the building process by providing your team with the information and abilities they need to operate cautiously and effectively.

The long-term performance and durability of STARC Systems’ temporary walls depend on their integrity being maintained. Establish a routine for inspections and maintenance to spot problems early on, such as damaged panels or weakened seals, and fix them. You can prolong the life of your temporary walls and guarantee that your project is protected going forward by maintaining a proactive maintenance schedule.

Conclusively, the temporary wall systems from STARC Systems are a revolutionary approach to construction confinement solutions, providing unparalleled adaptability, robustness, and effectiveness for an extensive array of uses. STARC Systems offers the assurance and comfort you require to complete outstanding projects on schedule and under budget, whether you’re working on a medical facility renovation, a commercial build-out, or a residential makeover.


Temporary Wall Systems

Temp Walls For Offices


Temporary Wall Systems

STARC Systems Temps Walls For Offices  

The STARC System Temp Walls are a game-changer in cutting-edge office solutions, turning workspaces into dynamic spaces that meet the constantly evolving needs of contemporary enterprises.

The STARC System Temp Walls, which effortlessly adapt to the changing needs of modern workspaces, redefine office adaptability. These walls are incredibly versatile, whether you’re using them to maximize space for changing projects, create spontaneous meeting spaces, or promote collaboration in open-plan layouts. Accept the STARC System‘s flexibility to customize your workspace to the hilt.

The inventive engineering of the STARC System is fundamental to its appeal. These temporary walls are not your typical partitions; rather, they are dynamic components that are easily adjusted to accommodate a variety of office layouts. Organizations may enhance productivity and employee happiness by creating visually beautiful and practical settings with the versatility of STARC System Temp Walls. These environments can range from private offices to the promotion of an open and collaborative culture.

Noise is sometimes a major problem in the busy environment of modern offices. With their acoustic brilliance, STARC System Temp Walls effectively address this issue by establishing dedicated areas that reduce noise and improve focus. These walls provide an acoustic barrier that assures an ideal work atmosphere for confidential meetings, concentrated work sessions, and cooperative brainstorming.

In today’s hectic corporate environment, time is of the essence. STARC System Temp Walls recognizes this and provides quick and accurate installation procedures. Utilize a system that makes assembly quick and simple to lessen the amount of time it disrupts your office. Changes may be executed with the least downtime and optimum efficiency thanks to STARC System Temp Walls, whether you’re rearranging your workplace for a new project or making room for a growing workforce.

Regulatory and safety compliance is a non-negotiable when it comes to office design. Organizations can feel secure knowing that their workers’ well-being is met or exceeded because of the careful engineering that goes into STARC System Temp Walls. Establish a work environment where everyone’s safety and comfort are given priority in addition to following all legal obligations.

STARC System Temp Walls are an excellent and affordable office design option. Organizations can optimize resources and maintain alignment between their office layout and the dynamic nature of their business by choosing a solution that facilitates adaptation without incurring the cost and logistical difficulties of permanent construction.

STARC Systems Temps Walls For Offices  

In summary, the STARC System Temp Walls for Offices represent a revolutionary step in office architecture thanks to their cost-effective brilliance, quick precision, acoustic brilliance, inventive engineering, and adaptive agility. Embrace the revolutionary potential of STARC System Temp Walls to take your office space to new heights. This solution is made to adapt easily to the changing needs of contemporary work environments.

Temporary Wall Systems

Temporary Walls Room Dividers 


Temporary Wall Systems

The Best Temporary Wall Room Dividers 

We have the best-rated temporary wall room dividers in the industry. Construction and renovation projects already present many challenges; your containment solution shouldn’t add to them. However, fragile, ugly polycarbonate and wasteful, filthy drywall frequently fall short of your lofty expectations. STARC Systems provides two excellent temporary containment options. STARC removes the interruption of renovation with its outstanding engineering, tough durability, and best-in-class customer service. Examine the advantages of RealWallTM and LiteBarrierTM below to discover why leading contractors, medical facilities, and companies rely on STARC to handle their most challenging containment situations.

Our premium containment solutions are designed to minimize the disturbance caused by commercial renovations and are used in commercial office settings, airports, universities, and healthcare facilities, where the safety of patients, caregivers, and staff is never compromised.

RealWallTM has an excellent three-layer structure. It is resilient to the impact of large items like hospital beds or construction equipment.  The panels won’t even twist or warp if you strike them repeatedly.

The most reliable option in the lightweight confinement market is LiteBarrierTM. Its scratch, dent, and hardness resistance are far better than those of polycarbonate systems. LiteBarrierTM is a dependable option for any construction project because it also performs remarkably well during impact testing.

Our mechanical parts and tongue-and-groove construction provide airtight seals, regardless of whether your task calls for a completely enclosed anteroom or a lightweight dust barrier. Unlike other containment techniques, which rely on knobs or zippers and frequently cause more issues than they fix, this method is different.

Developing your selection criteria is the first step towards selecting the ideal prefabricated modular wall. Imagine a modular containment system that is fire-rated for one hour, reusable, and installs four times faster than drywall. That’s FireblockWallTM, the sturdy temporary wall system that makes use of the same telescopic rails and lift-and-drop connectors that made RealWallTM and LiteBarrierTM the go-to options for crews and contractors.

Most likely, “fire-rated containment” has nothing to do with “fast.” Thus far. The clever and user-friendly lift-and-drop connections of STARC are a feature of FireblockWallTM panels that enable quick and easy installation. In actuality, FireblockWallTM installs four times quicker than drywall or other conventional fire-rated enclosures.

Using FireblockCapTM, create a completely listed and certified one-hour fire barrier “envelope” for your construction zone. The easiest of the three choices, saving you from the trouble and disarray of wiring, ducting, and other tasks below deck!

Install STARC’s solution in opposition to an already-existing one-hour rated wall to save time and effort when coordinating with various trades.

designed to swiftly produce negative air conditions while upholding the containment’s one-hour fire rating for safety. There’s no need to modify solutions or cut through drywall on the job site.

Our user-friendly rails serve as a framework for fastening FireblockWallTM, an hour-fire-rated material, to pre-existing buildings. The tracks may be precisely sized thanks to telescopic operation and “snip-cut” perforations, and the installation process can be sped up with pre-drilled mounting holes.

With specifically crafted STARC door frames that attach straight to FireblockWallTM panels, you may grant access to your project site. To construct safe, secure, and fire-rated access points, combine them with a door and frame.

You anticipate that STARC solutions will address your trickiest containment problems. FireblockWallTM adaptable design allows it to fit into any pre-built setting. Corner components make your confinement installation go more smoothly when it calls for a partial or entire room. Our sturdy corner modules fit the floor and top tracks with ease, creating an airtight connection that looks neat. 

The exceptional longevity of both systems ensures reliable reuse. For multi-phase building and restoration projects, these panels are ideal. Invest in reusable temporary walls for the longest-lasting and most exceptional quality.


Temporary Wall Systems

Free Standing Temporary Walls


Temporary Wall Systems

When the Solution is Free Standing Temporary Walls

The demand for flexible room solutions has never been greater in a dynamic environment where adaptation is essential. Modern Containment Systems, a market leader, introduces a breakthrough concept: free-standing temporary walls. Let’s look at the significance of these walls, and how they reinvent places and provide creative solutions for a variety of sectors.

Understanding Free-Standing Temporary Walls

When it comes to meeting the dynamic spatial requirements of companies, organizations, and people, free-standing temporary walls provide an adaptable option. These walls offer a versatile and adjustable solution for breaking up big areas into smaller workstations, making temporary meeting rooms, or improving seclusion in public areas.

Easy to install Free-Standing Temporary Walls from Modern Containment Systems are a trademark of their product. With little to no building work required, these walls may be swiftly built. In addition to saving time, this makes space transformation hassle-free and economical.

The Diverse Applications of Free-Standing Temporary Walls

In the corporate environment, Free-Standing Temporary Walls are useful since office layouts frequently change to accommodate shifting team formations and collaborative demands. They encourage an active and flexible work environment by making it easier to set up temporary conference rooms, training areas, or individual workstations.

The healthcare sector can create temporary patient care rooms, vaccination stations, or partition spaces for improved infection control with the flexibility of Free-Standing Temporary Walls. Solutions from Modern Containment Systems are made to satisfy the exacting standards of medical settings.

Space optimization for a variety of activities is a problem that schools and universities frequently face. A useful option for dividing spaces for events or constructing temporary study areas, schools, or hallways is to use free-standing temporary walls. These walls are a great advantage because of their adaptability to changing educational needs.

Discover how Modern Containment Systems’ Free-Standing Temporary Walls are designed with innovation. These walls are designed for both practicality and style, from easily assembled modular panels to aesthetically pleasing finishes.

Sustainability and robustness are given top priority in modern containment systems. High-grade materials that endure throughout time are used to create their Free-Standing Temporary Walls. The company’s dedication to eco-friendly solutions is consistent with its use of sustainable materials.

Purchasing Free-Standing Temporary Walls turns out to be a more affordable option than going with a regular building. For companies and organizations trying to maximize their budgets, these barriers are an appealing alternative because there is a decreased requirement for permanent construction, which results in significant cost savings.

Modern Containment Systems’ Free-Standing Temporary Walls are renowned for their capacity to effectively convert and repurpose environments. By optimizing their current space, organizations and companies can change with the times without being constrained by permanent structures.

Modern Containment Systems is leading the way in incorporating technological solutions into its Free-Standing Temporary Walls, as technology continues to profoundly influence modern places. Future innovations are expected to include interactive features and smart partitions.

The various needs of many sectors are acknowledged by modern containment systems. In the future, customization will be prioritized even more, giving customers the ability to modify Free-Standing Temporary Walls to meet their unique requirements in terms of functionality, design, or technology integration.

Final Takeaway 

In summary, the Free-Standing Temporary Walls from Modern Containment Systems signal a paradigm shift in the way we think about spatial architecture. Because these walls are sustainable, efficient, and adaptable, companies, organizations, and individuals may change environments with never-before-seen ease.

With Modern Containment Systems, you can embrace the adaptable space solutions of the future. Learn about the countless applications for Free-Standing Temporary Walls and how they can completely transform your space. 

Cheap Temporary Walls

Cheap Temporary Walls


Cheap Temporary Walls 

Redefining Spaces on a Budget: The Appeal of Cheap Temporary Walls by Modern Containment Systems

The ever-evolving landscape of interior design and space utilization has significantly emphasized the demand for cost-effective yet innovative solutions. Modern Containment Systems steps into the spotlight, offering a game-changing range of cheap temporary walls that redefine possibilities without breaking the bank. Let’s delve into the world of affordable temporary walls, exploring their features, benefits, and unique offerings presented by Modern Containment Systems.

Temporary walls have long been associated with flexibility, adaptability, and functionality. However, Modern Containment Systems brings a new dimension to this concept by making these solutions accessible to a broader audience through their cost-effective offerings. Let’s explore the key features that make these walls an appealing choice for various applications.

Modern Containment Systems understands the importance of delivering quality solutions at a reasonable price point. They craft their cheap temporary walls with precision and durability in mind, ensuring that affordability never compromises the structural integrity or aesthetic appeal of the walls. 

Cheap Temporary Walls with a Great Value for Money

One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to budget constraints. Modern Containment Systems provides a range of customizable options that cater to various budgetary considerations. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to partition a room or a business seeking economical workspace solutions, there’s a cheap temporary wall solution for you.

Time is money, and Modern Containment Systems recognizes the need for quick and efficient installations. Cheap temporary walls from the company are designed for easy and non-intrusive setup, minimizing labor costs and ensuring that the installation process doesn’t strain your budget.

The modular nature of these affordable walls ensures that they can be easily reconfigured and repurposed. This adaptability adds long-term value to your investment, making cheap temporary walls from Modern Containment Systems a cost-effective choice for dynamic living and working environments.

Homeowners on a budget can transform their living spaces without undertaking expensive renovations. Cheap temporary walls offer a quick and affordable solution for creating new rooms, dividing existing spaces, or simply adding a touch of style without the hefty price tag.

Businesses operating on tight budgets can benefit from the cost-effectiveness of temporary walls. Create flexible workspaces, partition meeting areas, or adapt office layouts without the need for extensive construction, thereby saving both time and money.

Hosting events or pop-up shops often comes with budget constraints. Cheap temporary walls provide an ideal solution for creating defined spaces, booths, or backdrops without incurring substantial expenses.

As a leader in the field, Modern Containment Systems stands out not only for its commitment to innovation but also for making these innovations accessible to a wide audience. From detailed product specifications to inspiring project showcases, the website provides valuable insights for those seeking affordable yet impactful solutions.


In conclusion, cheap temporary walls from Modern Containment Systems exemplify a new era in space transformation, where affordability meets innovation. Whether you are a homeowner with budget constraints or a business looking to optimize costs without compromising on quality, these walls offer a budget-friendly avenue to redefine and elevate your spaces.

Redefine your spaces without breaking the bank, thanks to the cost-effective and ingenious solutions offered by Modern Containment Systems.

Temporary Wall Systems

Temporary Wall Systems


Temporary Wall Systems

Elevating Spaces: The Versatility and Ingenuity of Temporary Wall Systems by Modern Containment Systems


In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design and space utilization, the demand for flexible and innovative solutions has never been more pronounced. Enter Modern Containment Systems, a trailblazer in the realm of temporary wall systems, offering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the possibilities of interior spaces. Let’s delve into the world of these temporary solutions, exploring their versatility, benefits, and the unique offerings presented by Modern Containment Systems.

Temporary wall systems have emerged as a transformative solution for creating adaptable and dynamic spaces within both residential and commercial settings. Modern Containment Systems specializes in providing modular wall solutions that offer a myriad of benefits, ranging from privacy and noise reduction to the creation of temporary rooms and partitions.

Modern Containment Systems takes pride in offering temporary wall systems that are not only functional but also highly customizable. Whether you need to create temporary offices, partition meeting spaces, or define specific zones within a room, these systems can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Temporary Wall Systems: Flexible and Effective Solutions

Unlike traditional construction methods, these systems are designed for swift and non-intrusive installation. Modern Containment Systems employs innovative techniques that minimize disruptions to your daily activities, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking flexible workspace solutions.

Noise reduction is a crucial consideration in modern living and working environments. Temporary wall systems from Modern Containment Systems are engineered to provide effective acoustic performance, creating quieter and more focused spaces within larger areas.

The modular nature of these wall systems ensures portability and reusability. Whether you are reconfiguring your office layout, creating pop-up spaces for events, or adapting your living spaces to changing needs, these walls can be easily moved and repurposed.

Temporary doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics. Modern Containment Systems offers a range of finishes, allowing you to seamlessly integrate temporary walls into your existing décor. Choose from a variety of colors, textures, and materials to achieve the desired visual impact.

Modern offices demand flexibility to accommodate evolving work dynamics. These temporary solutions are instrumental in creating agile workspaces, allowing businesses to adapt to changing needs, from collaborative environments to private offices.

In homes, temporary walls can be utilized to create additional rooms or partitions without the need for permanent construction. This is especially beneficial in urban environments where space is at a premium.

The healthcare industry can leverage temporary wall systems for creating temporary isolation rooms, partitioning waiting areas, or adapting spaces for different medical requirements.

Retail spaces can benefit from the versatility of temporary walls to create pop-up shops, change floor layouts, or define different sections within a store.

As a leading provider in the field, Modern Containment Systems stands out for its commitment to innovation and client satisfaction. Their website, Modern Containment Systems, serves as a comprehensive resource for exploring the diverse range of temporary wall solutions available. From detailed product specifications to inspiring project showcases, the website provides valuable insights for those seeking to elevate their spaces with temporary wall systems.


In conclusion, temporary wall systems have become integral to the modern approach to space utilization. Modern Containment Systems exemplifies excellence in delivering solutions that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and adaptability. Whether you are a homeowner looking to redefine your living spaces or a business seeking agile office solutions, the versatility of the product opens doors to endless possibilities.

Remodeling Health Care Facilities

STARC Systems Containment Wall Systems

Discover The Best Office Partition Walls

Maintaining a dust-free, clean atmosphere during construction and restoration projects is crucial for the safety of the workers as well as the integrity of the surrounding surroundings. Although they have been in use for decades, traditional confinement techniques like drywall and plastic sheeting are far from optimal. They can potentially be harmful to one’s health, disrupt daily operations, and frequently result in messy and time-consuming activities. Contrarily, STARC Systems Containment Wall Systems have revolutionized the construction sector by providing a sustainable, effective, and clean solution. We will examine the cutting-edge STARC Systems Containment Wall Systems, their advantages, and how they are changing the way containment is approached in building and remodeling projects.

Before we delve into the world of STARC Systems, it’s crucial to understand the limitations of conventional containment methods. Drywall, plastic sheeting, and other rudimentary solutions have their fair share of problems.

Drywall installations and tear-downs generate vast amounts of dust, leading to poor air quality and potential health concerns for workers and occupants. Erecting and removing traditional containment barriers is time-consuming, requiring a significant amount of manual labor. These traditional methods do little to mitigate noise, which can disrupt nearby operations and even violate local noise regulations. Plastic sheeting and drywall create substantial waste and environmental damage. This approach is neither sustainable nor eco-friendly.

Enter STARC Systems Containment Wall Systems

STARC Systems offers an innovative approach to containment, addressing the shortcomings of traditional methods. Their containment wall systems are based on the following principles.

STARC Systems eliminates dust and debris migration, maintaining a clean and safe environment for both workers and occupants. This is crucial for infection control in healthcare facilities and for preserving the integrity of adjacent spaces during construction or renovation. Unlike the labor-intensive process of erecting drywall, STARC Systems’ containment solutions are quick to install and dismantle. This translates to significant time savings on projects.

These systems excel in noise mitigation, providing a quieter and more comfortable environment for both the workers inside the containment area and the occupants outside.  STARC Systems is a leader in sustainable construction practices. Their containment walls are reusable, reducing waste and lessening the environmental impact of construction projects.

Benefits of STARC Systems Containment Wall Systems

STARC Systems Containment Wall Systems offer a wide array of benefits, revolutionizing containment in construction and renovation projects.  By eliminating dust migration, these systems create a cleaner and safer work environment. This is particularly vital in healthcare settings, where dust can compromise patient safety and infection control.

STARC Systems’ containment walls can be installed rapidly, reducing project timelines and labor costs. In many cases, their systems can be up and running in less than an hour. The containment walls are specifically designed to mitigate noise. This benefit is valuable in both healthcare settings and general construction projects.

STARC Systems prioritizes sustainability, and its containment systems are no exception. They can be used on multiple projects, drastically reducing waste and promoting green construction practices.  While the initial investment in STARC Systems may seem higher than traditional methods, the savings in labor costs, project timelines, and waste reduction make them a cost-effective choice in the long run. STARC Systems’ solutions are adaptable to various environments, from healthcare facilities and offices to industrial settings. This versatility makes them a valuable addition to any construction or renovation project.

STARC Systems Containment Wall Systems have been successfully implemented in a variety of settings. The importance of dust control in healthcare settings is paramount. STARC Systems have been widely used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to maintain sterile environments during renovations.

Schools and universities often need to undertake renovations while classes are in session. STARC Systems help minimize disruptions and create a safe and quiet environment for students. In industrial environments, noise control and containment are essential. STARC Systems have been employed in these settings to reduce noise pollution and ensure efficient project management. In the hospitality industry, guest comfort is of utmost importance. Using STARC Systems allows for renovations to take place with minimal guest disturbance.

STARC Systems Containment Wall Systems have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. Contractors and project managers praise the ease of installation and the cleanliness of the containment areas. Healthcare professionals highlight the systems’ critical role in maintaining infection control standards. Additionally, the noise reduction aspect has been a game-changer for various industries.

STARC Systems Containment Wall Systems are undeniably transforming the construction and renovation industry. Their commitment to providing clean, efficient, and sustainable solutions has earned them a well-deserved reputation. By addressing the pitfalls of traditional containment methods and offering a wide array of benefits, they are contributing to a safer, more eco-friendly, and cost-effective approach to containment. Whether in healthcare, education, industry, or hospitality, STARC Systems have made a significant impact on a variety of sectors, making them a valuable addition to any construction or renovation project.
When you work with Modern Containment Systems to rent temporary walls, the walls can be used in a variety of settings. Our walls are commonly used in the construction industry to create temporary offices or storage spaces on job sites. We also have a lot of experience with hospitals that need to divide a large space into smaller areas. Visit our website to see all the services we offer today to learn more.

Modern Containment is a full-service rental partner of STARC Systems’ temporary containment wall units.  Our family-owned and operated company has made a commitment to helping local businesses expand safely. The combination of our quality products and client-focused service makes us the vendor of choice for organizations undergoing changes to their facilities.  Contact us today and learn just how powerfully we can support you.

Remodeling Health Care Facilities

Temporary Room Dividers

Remodeling Health Care Facilities

Creating Flexible Spaces with Temporary Room Dividers 


We have the best-rated temporary room dividers in the industry. Our working environments are being utilized and designed in a manner that reflects the ever-changing nature of the world. The rise in popularity of temporary room dividers can be attributed to the demand for flexible and versatile room arrangements that are needed for a host of reasons. These adaptable solutions provide aesthetics, functionality, and privacy for the customization of your spaces. We will delve into the world of temporary dividers, including their advantages, classifications, and innovative uses.

The Rise of Temporary Room Dividers
As our workplaces become more multifunctional, there’s a growing demand for flexible room arrangements. This is where temporary room dividers come into play. They enable you to redefine your spaces, offering various advantages.

 Temporary dividers allow you to create private spaces within a larger room. Whether it’s for a home office or a changing area, you can enjoy the benefits of privacy without the need for permanent construction. These dividers are available in various designs and purposes. They can serve as functional art in their own right, adding style and elegance to your spaces.

 With the ability to divide a room into distinct areas, temporary dividers enhance the functionality of your space. You can separate a dining area from a living room or create a cozy reading corner within a larger room. Temporary dividers are easy to install and remove, making them an ideal choice for renters or anyone seeking a quick transformation of their space. They are often more budget-friendly than permanent room construction or renovation. You get the benefits of room separation without a significant financial investment.

Types of Temporary Room Dividers
Temporary room dividers come in various styles and materials to suit different needs and aesthetics.  STARC Systems‘ RealWall®, LiteBarrier®, and FireblockWall® have been successfully integrated into diverse environments such as research laboratories, academic institutions, medical facilities, aerospace companies, data centers, and bio/life science facilities. 

Temporary containment barriers are commonly employed in industrial and commercial settings to ensure the prompt separation of personnel or safeguard assets against weather-related harm while they are being constructed. Meticulously assembled in adherence to the criteria established by ASTM E84 or ICRA, these products exhibit remarkable versatility while maintaining optimal functionality. Drywall, as opposed to these panels, necessitates more frequent and expensive installation and maintenance. 

MCS provides highly adaptable modular wall solutions that are applicable in a wide variety of settings. The adaptable and modular wall solutions offered by STARC Solutions include, among others, RealWall® and LiteBarrier®. We simplify assembly and disassembly procedures due to our possession of the necessary tools and meticulous attention to detail.

The Final Verdict

Temporary room dividers are versatile solutions for creating flexible and dynamic living and working spaces. Their ability to offer privacy, functionality, aesthetics, and quick installation makes them an excellent choice for modern offices, and various commercial settings. Whether you want to define separate areas, add a decorative touch, or adapt to evolving needs, temporary room dividers empower you to customize your space with ease.
When you work with Modern Containment Systems to rent temporary walls, the walls can be used in a variety of settings. Our walls are commonly used in the construction industry to create temporary offices or storage spaces on job sites. We also have a lot of experience with hospitals that need to divide a large space into smaller areas. Visit our website to see all the services we offer today to learn more.

Modern Containment is a full-service rental partner of STARC Systems’ temporary containment wall units.  Our family-owned and operated company has made a commitment to helping local businesses expand safely. The combination of our quality products and client-focused service makes us the vendor of choice for organizations undergoing changes to their facilities.  Contact us today and learn just how powerfully we can support you.

Remodeling Health Care Facilities

Removable Office Walls

Remodeling Health Care Facilities

How Removable Office Walls Open Office Spaces


Businesses have been forced to reevaluate their workplace designs as a result of the popularity of telecommuting and the constant requirement for emotional distance due to unforeseen occurrences. More and more people are opting for designs that can be easily modified to meet their evolving requirements. This mental shift has contributed to the rise in popularity of demountable partitions in the workplace. Office walls that may be moved about or taken down entirely are called “removable walls.” They offer versatility that is not available with fixed walls or drywall. Let’s take a look at why it would be a good idea to install removable office walls in your office.

The adaptability of offices with moveable walls is a major benefit. Companies can easily reconfigure their office space into various configurations, such as cubicles, open areas, and private offices, to meet their employees’ evolving demands. Removable office walls are a more economical alternative to the conventional construction method of major deconstruction and renovation. They may be placed with little disruption and no major rebuilding required. It can be difficult to maintain confidentiality in an open working environment. Removable office walls provide a workable alternative to building permanent partitions to divide spaces like offices and meeting rooms. This is of utmost importance during private discussions and concentrated efforts.

Within an open floor layout, moveable walls can section off areas for private offices, conferences, or individual desks. By separating the space, employees may focus on their work without interruption and have private conversations without fear of overhearing others. These walls can be built to any desired height to provide the necessary level of seclusion. It is up to you to decide whether you need full-height walls for total isolation or partial-height partitions to keep things seemingly open while still being private. The requirement for privacy in the workplace may vary regularly in dynamic settings. Removable office partitions allow businesses to be flexible and respond to these shifts. The walls can be moved around easily to provide more or less private rooms.

The Additional Benefits Of Removable Office Walls

Removable office walls can be simply configured to allow multiple layouts, such as open offices, private offices, collaborative zones, or a combination of these. Because of this flexibility, your office space may grow and change with your company. The size of a room or office can be changed by adding or removing wall panels. This is especially helpful when adapting to sudden increases or decreases in the size of the team, the scope of the project, or the needs of the department. Office partitions can be moved to accommodate growth. Adding new walls or rearranging the existing ones is a simple way to make additional room for employees as your business expands. This flexibility eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive office relocations by expanding with your organization as it expands.

Adding new wall panels or rearranging existing ones makes it easy to set up more desks whenever the team size needs to grow. Put up some temporary walls to make some quiet cubicles for those who need some room to focus. On the flip side, closed-off offices can be opened up again if necessary. Removable office walls allow for the expansion or contraction of conference rooms as needed. This adaptability is especially useful for hosting gatherings of varied attendance sizes.

During traditional office renovations, daily operations are often significantly disrupted, resulting in downtime and lower productivity. Removable office walls make this kind of disruption minimal. During the relocation, workers can use nearby spaces to continue their jobs without interruption. Businesses in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing work settings benefit from the flexibility that detachable office walls afford. These walls may be moved and rearranged to create a variety of work environments, from individual offices to communal rooms. Removable office walls provide a flexible and productive solution, whether you often rearrange your workplace or just want the opportunity to adapt as your business evolves.

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