Helping Hospitals Manage Covid 19

Covid-19 has affected us all.  Businesses across the country and around the world have made changes to accommodate this incredibly contagious virus. Unfortunately, it continues to mutate making the ability to quickly and appropriately adapt to new strains critical.

helping hospitals

The healthcare industry has been hit particularly hard. In addition to protecting its employees (like all businesses must), it has the added stress of caring for patients, many of whom are Covid positive and others whose health is at great risk if they come down with the illness.  Those in hospitals are by nature, compromised. 

The challenge facing hospitals during this time has been twofold.  First, there are space logistics.  Hospital footprints are difficult to change. Even when physical expansion is possible, it is time-consuming.  You need architects, permits, and construction. Adding space is never easy and, quite simply,  it takes years. 

Instead, hospitals and medical facilities in South Florida, across the country, and even around the world found themselves reconfiguring their existing space – a very challenging task. Not only did they need to accommodate more patients, but they also needed to be able to do so safely. 

Temporary Containment Wall Systems – Helping Hospitals

One of the biggest problems is that the space you need today may be quite different from the space you require three months, six months, or one year from now. Layouts that will be appropriate for years are a thing of the past. Thus, many local hospitals have recognized the value that temporary containment wall systems bring to their operations.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, hospitals must provide adequate protection to patients. Today there are systems available with lab-quality materials, ideal for use in cleanroom environments. Walls can be cleaned with disinfectant and maintain their structure. Many of these systems have been used in the construction of temporary covid-19 isolation units.

And, they provided for future changes.  The fact that our systems are modular, allows them to be repurposed as facilities’ space needs evolve. Also, additional panels are always available for rent or purchase. If you need them. You can install these wall systems extremely fast. Thus, allowing for immediate adjustment when needed.

Modular wall systems are incredibly valuable to hospital systems. Over the past two years, we have seen the needs of these facilities change rapidly, and these products help them meet their needs.  

Modern Containment is a family-owned business. Of course, we are experienced in providing and installing modular wall systems in Florida Hospitals. We appreciate that the needs of the healthcare community can change with virtually no notice, and we are able to respond to them immediately. If you are a local healthcare provider and are looking for options to reconfigure your space contact us today at 954.541.5849.  

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