Isolation Capacity On-Demand

A Pandemic Pivot

Modern Containment Systems is a temporary containment provider established in Plantation, Florida in January, 2020 and is run by Mike and Nancy Morton. The company owns approximately 800’ of STARC’s LiteBarrier temporary containment walls. Their initial focus was on renting STARC’s modular temporary wall partitions to small and medium sized contractors performing renovations in occupied facilities.

Being a small startup company, marketing Modern Containment was a challenge. Said Mike, “it was a lot of phone calls and knocking on doors at first to try and get ourselves noticed. We focused on smaller to medium sized general contractors who could appreciate the superior solution we could offer them but that they couldn’t afford to buy”. Still months went by with just a few short-term system rentals. But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and hospitals and contractors needed fast flexible infection isolation capability. Mike quickly realized that the solution he was offering could also be used for infection isolation and control during the pandemic. He pivoted and began to focus on infection isolation versus occupied renovation. Many smaller contractors and hospitals that Modern Containment didn’t know started reaching out to learn about their containment solution. Word of mouth started driving their rental containment business.

“ICRA containment solutions are a bit of the wild west in S. Florida with companies using all types of containment from plastic sheeting to polycarbonate plastic solutions. With STARC LiteBarrier, I can provide a superior ICRA solution where speed of installation and durability is of paramount importance. I can get containment installed at a hospital in a
matter of hours. It looks better and is more durable than the other options and customers are reacting very favorably. In fact, some of my customers are considering standardizing with my STARC LiteBarrier solution” noted Mike.

80% of Modern Containment’s business is currently COVID-19 infection isolation and is primarily used to convert existing hospital spaces into negative air environments. Since the start of the pandemic, Modern Containment has done approximately 20 large scale installations and many smaller ones.

Some of Modern Containment’s recent COVID-19 containment installations include:

• Sealing off multiple exam rooms to create negative air- Broward Health
Medical Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL and Memorial 24/7 Urgent Care

• Dividing entire departments in half to create negative air- Broward Health
Medical Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL

• Create a divider down the center of a hallway creating negative air for multiple patient rooms- Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital- Hollywood, FL

• Creating anterooms for donning and doffing PPE- Joe DiMaggio Children’s
Hospital – Hollywood, FL

• Created an anteroom for pressurized entry at Memorial Health West- Cancer Center, Pembroke Pines, FL

To find out how we can create On-Demand isolation capacity with our STARC Systems LiteBarrier and other STARC products available, drop us a message!

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