Rentable Wall Containment Systems For Labs And Cleanroom Facilities

Modern Containment Systems provide an airtight containment solution that traps dust and particles significantly better than other options. This allows production, scientific research, and chemical/pharmaceutical manufacture to continue with little disruption throughout the remodeling process, even during installation and dismantling.

Why Choose Us To Contain Your Lab and Cleanroom Facilities

For labs and cleanrooms, our rentable wall systems enable outstanding containment of construction dusts and debris, including airborne dusts and particles. Installation and removal of containment walls as a full service — we handle everything so you can focus on what you do best.
Installation is quick — 100 feet of wall can be put up in approximately an hour.
Maintain a good environment throughout renovations by maintaining a sleek, professional, and clean appearance. Sound Dampening – Even during construction, our modular containment walls reduce noise by up to 50%, resulting in a calm working environment. Our containment systems are more budget-friendly since our walls may be rented, making them a more cost-effective option within specific project budgets.