Modular Walls Systems

Remodeling Health Care Facilities

No matter your facility type, Modern Containment Systems is on your side and provides a modular wall panel system that will help you establish the solution you need fast and economically. We offer wall panels with diverse frame materials and construction. We also offer modular wall panel products utilizing vinyl and drywall as well, and we may offer additional material at your request.

Modern Containment Systems can create a custom modular wall system from scratch utilizing any of our various panels and surfaces, even if all you have are some napkin designs. The separation between offices is one thing and a comprehensive ISO 5 cleanroom is another. Whether you need assistance planning your building or structure from the ground up or locating the ideal panel connectors for your walls, modern Containment Systems can be of service.

Call our offices and tell us about your modular wall requirements, no matter how big or tiny they are. We know that we have walls that will help reach your goals. Give our Containment Systems offices a call and let us help you with your modular barriers.

Composite and plastic walls are also available from modern Containment Systems, in addition to the more traditional drywall and vinyl. We can build walls that are just what you’re looking for. whether all you need is a pop-up office that will meet the fire code, a storage area, or a full-featured cleanroom that implies ISO requirements, we are ready to help and do our part in making your business successful.

Modular wall systems like our RealWall®, LiteBarrierTM®, and FireblockWallTM® are revolutionizing the construction industry by reducing costs and improving efficiency while providing homeowners with minimal to no disturbance during renovations.

Although our main focus is on producing high-quality, American-made modular wall panels, we also place a strong emphasis on the development of accessories that address common problems and allow for quick changes.

In the past, when a project required the usage of temporary walls, builders would erect them out of plastic sheets or drywall. They’re both unorganized and wasteful. Construction debris often escapes plastic sheets because they don’t survive very long. When you account for the price of materials, the time it takes to construct and demolish the wall, and the time it takes to clean up, drywall is a costly construction material.

There is no way to recoup the cost of plastic sheeting or drywall because neither material is recyclable. In addition, a solution that meets or surpasses ICRA Class IV regulations to build airtight seals is required when construction dust or harmful microorganisms need to be managed.

When there’s a need to insulate sensitive occupied areas from the disruption of remodeling, STARC Systems’ modular, re-usable temporary containment walls are an excellent solution. Compared to conventional drywall confinement, which is noisy during construction, inconvenient for patients and staff, and produces large quantities of potentially hazardous dust, our method is a vast improvement. 

The STARC system can be installed rapidly and quietly; in only an hour, two people may up a hundred feet of wall with no noticeable noise or disruption. Up to half of construction noise is muffled thanks to the foam core’s acoustic properties. Its durability and versatility mean it may be put to use in countless different settings, with the initial investment being recouped in as few as three to five uses and any subsequent containment costs being all but eliminated. Our interim containment system is tested to ASTM E-84 standards for flame and smoke spread, and it exceeds ICRA Class IV requirements.

In light of the foregoing, you may want to think about switching to polycarbonate wall panels. Polycarbonate panels are an excellent thermal insulator, lightweight, simple to install, and aesthetically pleasing material. To add to its eco-friendliness, polycarbonate panels can be recycled multiple times.

The use of polycarbonate walls, however, does come with a few drawbacks that you should be aware of. Let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks, then.

Modern Containment is a full-service rental partner of STARC Systems’ temporary containment wall units.  Our family-owned and operated company has made a commitment to helping local businesses expand safely. The combination of our quality products and client-focused service makes us the vendor of choice for organizations undergoing changes to their facilities.  Contact us today and learn just how powerfully we can support you.

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