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Remodeling Health Care Facilities

When utilized in place of standard dry walls, modern Containment modular wall systems are more cost-effective and can bring back a faster-than-average return on investment after optimally complete installation of the modular walls and the overall project financials.  Modern Containment’s reusable walls are the best element of the modular wall system since they can be assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to erect conventional drywall.

Airports, retail centers, construction sites, showrooms, and virtually any other open office space are just some of the many possible applications for our modular walls. We also have modular office walls. Using the Modern Containment modular wall system also has the added benefit of making the area look much more organized and polished. If you’re in the market for temporary walls for an upcoming construction project, read on to learn five reasons why you should go with Modern Containment modular wall systems. You may assume that setting up a wall is complex and long, but that is all in the past.  Our modular setups require minimal training and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

Whenever we boast about how quickly something can be accomplished, we back up those claims which are showcased within our very quick turnaround time for the installment process. Our modular wall panels may be assembled in a matter of minutes. In all seriousness, the structure and design can be readily adapted and changed to suit your needs, even if you realize midway through the setup that you need to make significant alterations. We need to be able to make modifications to our moveable wall systems quickly and easily without having to deal with traditional drywall and the wasteful materials that come after any alterations.

Reusable is exactly what we mean. Because the same product can be used for an almost limitless number of projects, our modular wall systems are extremely friendly to the environment. This also results in significant savings in terms of resources like time, energy, and money. The wall assembly may be dismantled in a matter of minutes and the components can be safely stowed until they are needed again.

By avoiding the expense and inconvenience of dealing with drywall repeatedly, you can save thousands of dollars by using our modular wall systems. Our reusable wall technology also eliminates the need for labor-intensive physical labor or bulky, expensive machinery. Easy dismantling and reassembling without the need for complicated, cumbersome equipment. Importantly, the removable wall panel technology leaves no markings or dirt behind, making cleanup quick and easy.

Modern Containment is a full-service rental partner of STARC Systems’ temporary containment wall units.  Our family-owned and operated company has made a commitment to helping local businesses expand safely. The combination of our quality products and client-focused service makes us the vendor of choice for organizations undergoing changes to their facilities.  Contact us today and learn just how powerfully we can support you.

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