Rentable COVID-19 Isolation Solutions

One of the most critical things we can do right now to inhibit the spread of COVID-19 is to create social distance. Temporary barriers make it easier and more effective to enforce social separation in the workplace. People are accustomed to their regular work patterns, and while they may not intend to interact, routines are difficult to alter. A physical barrier establishes a clearly defined space that cannot be misconstrued.

Temporary containment solutions can help keep critical staff safe, healthy, and on the job, allowing businesses to continue operating and the supply chain to remain intact.

Four Common Anteroom and Containment Configurations for Covid-19

4' x 6' Anteroom

Sets up in minutes with no
dust or debris

10' x 10' Anteroom

Suitable space for multiple
medical personnel

Isolation Hallway

Ideal for providing containment
across multiple rooms and areas

10' x 10' Free Standing Anteroom

Ceilings offer options for freestanding rooms or corridor tunnels