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The Top Temporary Wall Systems in Hialeah Gardens

Hialeah Gardens in Florida features an array of exquisitely designed wall and barrier styles. If you need a modular setup right now, get in touch with STARC Systems. Installing STARC Systems to protect their customers has been done in a number of places, including airports, train stations, malls, and institutions. Both developed and developing countries can benefit from this technology because to its resilience and versatility. The deployment of temporary barriers is a common strategy to ensure the safety of construction workers. Multipurpose modular wall systems with extensive customization options are offered by MCS.

When applied to a sizable portion of the components, this strategy works well. RealWall® and LiteBarrier® are only a couple of the flexible and multipurpose wall solutions that STARC Solutions provides. Anything can be put together and taken apart with ease if we have the proper tools and pay close attention to detail. Our staff in Hialeah Gardens is the most experienced in South Florida when it comes to temporary wall solutions.

How Temporary Walls Improve Your Business

Data centers, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and bio/life science labs are just a few of the environments where STARC Systems’ RealWall®, LiteBarrier®, and FireblockWall® systems have been successfully deployed. Temporary containment walls are often used in commercial and industrial settings to provide the fastest possible separation of people and equipment or to prevent weather-related damage to assets during development. Outstanding performance adaptability is provided by their well-organized, ASTM E84 or ICRA-compliant design. But drywall needs more frequent and costly installation and upkeep than these panels do.

Three years after the date of purchase are covered by RealWall® panel warranties against manufacturing flaws. Though not enough to completely drown out the annoying background noise, there is some material that absorbs sound. To ensure that it satisfies our strict specifications, every panel is meticulously made in the United States. The time required to construct drywall can be cut in half using an impermeable modular containment system. When compared to other temporary wall options, FireblockWall technology exhibits amazing efficacy. The design specifies the minimum and maximum lengths.

Based on RealWall®, the LiteBarrier® dust partition containment system from STARC Systems is the finest substitute for dust control. Renowned for its trustworthy and intuitive interface, LiteBarrier® technology sets the standard for the industry. In contrast to polycarbonate plastic, another lightweight containment material, this wall exhibits more durability and resilience. This structure made of anodized aluminum is suspended by a fiberglass-reinforced polymer panel that may be adjusted in height by ten to twenty feet. With relatively little effort, our panel interface may be lifted or lowered. We can build a 100-foot-long wall in just an hour with the help of our highly skilled workforce, vast knowledge base, and durable materials.

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Our team will remain on the project site for the whole demolition process, from the preliminary site assessment to the last cleanup. Our knowledgeable staff in Hialeah Gardens is prepared to deliver temporary wall solutions quickly. Frames or other fixed parts are not necessary for walls because they may be bent to fit any given space. Please let us know the necessary weight and height so that we can install the barriers. 

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