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We have the best-rated temporary wall room dividers in the industry. Construction and renovation projects already present many challenges; your containment solution shouldn’t add to them. However, fragile, ugly polycarbonate and wasteful, filthy drywall frequently fall short of your lofty expectations. STARC Systems provides two excellent temporary containment options. STARC removes the interruption of renovation with its outstanding engineering, tough durability, and best-in-class customer service. Examine the advantages of RealWallTM and LiteBarrierTM below to discover why leading contractors, medical facilities, and companies rely on STARC to handle their most challenging containment situations.

Our premium containment solutions are designed to minimize the disturbance caused by commercial renovations and are used in commercial office settings, airports, universities, and healthcare facilities, where the safety of patients, caregivers, and staff is never compromised.

RealWallTM has an excellent three-layer structure. It is resilient to the impact of large items like hospital beds or construction equipment.  The panels won’t even twist or warp if you strike them repeatedly.

The most reliable option in the lightweight confinement market is LiteBarrierTM. Its scratch, dent, and hardness resistance are far better than those of polycarbonate systems. LiteBarrierTM is a dependable option for any construction project because it also performs remarkably well during impact testing.

Our mechanical parts and tongue-and-groove construction provide airtight seals, regardless of whether your task calls for a completely enclosed anteroom or a lightweight dust barrier. Unlike other containment techniques, which rely on knobs or zippers and frequently cause more issues than they fix, this method is different.

Developing your selection criteria is the first step towards selecting the ideal prefabricated modular wall. Imagine a modular containment system that is fire-rated for one hour, reusable, and installs four times faster than drywall. That’s FireblockWallTM, the sturdy temporary wall system that makes use of the same telescopic rails and lift-and-drop connectors that made RealWallTM and LiteBarrierTM the go-to options for crews and contractors.

Most likely, “fire-rated containment” has nothing to do with “fast.” Thus far. The clever and user-friendly lift-and-drop connections of STARC are a feature of FireblockWallTM panels that enable quick and easy installation. In actuality, FireblockWallTM installs four times quicker than drywall or other conventional fire-rated enclosures.

Using FireblockCapTM, create a completely listed and certified one-hour fire barrier “envelope” for your construction zone. The easiest of the three choices, saving you from the trouble and disarray of wiring, ducting, and other tasks below deck!

Install STARC’s solution in opposition to an already-existing one-hour rated wall to save time and effort when coordinating with various trades.

designed to swiftly produce negative air conditions while upholding the containment’s one-hour fire rating for safety. There’s no need to modify solutions or cut through drywall on the job site.

Our user-friendly rails serve as a framework for fastening FireblockWallTM, an hour-fire-rated material, to pre-existing buildings. The tracks may be precisely sized thanks to telescopic operation and “snip-cut” perforations, and the installation process can be sped up with pre-drilled mounting holes.

With specifically crafted STARC door frames that attach straight to FireblockWallTM panels, you may grant access to your project site. To construct safe, secure, and fire-rated access points, combine them with a door and frame.

You anticipate that STARC solutions will address your trickiest containment problems. FireblockWallTM adaptable design allows it to fit into any pre-built setting. Corner components make your confinement installation go more smoothly when it calls for a partial or entire room. Our sturdy corner modules fit the floor and top tracks with ease, creating an airtight connection that looks neat. 

The exceptional longevity of both systems ensures reliable reuse. For multi-phase building and restoration projects, these panels are ideal. Invest in reusable temporary walls for the longest-lasting and most exceptional quality.


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