The Top Temporary Wall Systems in Oakland Park

The Top Temporary Wall Systems in Hialeah

There are numerous handcrafted wall and barrier styles on show in Hialeah, Florida. When an urgent demand necessitates a modular arrangement, you should contact STARC Systems. Airports, colleges, train stations, shopping centers, and organizations are just a few of the locations where STARC Systems have been installed to safeguard their customers. Because of this technology’s resilience and versatility, both developed and developing nations can profit from it. One typical way to ensure construction workers’ safety is to erect temporary barriers. MCS provides modular wall solutions that are highly adaptable and multifunctional. This is an effective method when used on a significant number of the components. STARC solutions offers several adaptable and modular wall solutions, such as LiteBarrier® and RealWall®. We have the necessary tools and take great care of everything, so we can assemble and remove anything with ease. Our Hialeah workforce has the most expertise regarding temporary wall solutions of anyone in South Florida.

How Temporary Walls Improve Your Business

STARC Systems’ RealWall®, LiteBarrier®, and FireblockWall® systems have been successfully implemented in a variety of settings, including data centers, schools, hospitals, and bio/life science labs. Temporary containment walls are widely utilized in commercial and industrial contexts to ensure that individuals are quickly separated from assets or that assets are protected from weather-related damage while development is ongoing. Their ASTM E84 or ICRA standards-compliant, well-organized design provides remarkable performance versatility. But drywall needs more frequent and expensive installation and upkeep than these panels do.

RealWall® panels have a three-year warranty against manufacturing defects, which begins on the day of purchase. There isn’t enough sound-absorbing material to drown out the unpleasant background noise entirely. We methodically have every panel created for us in the United States to guarantee that it meets our exacting criteria. A modular containment system that is fireproof can reduce the time required to create drywall by half. The FireblockWall technology works surprisingly well in comparison to other temporary wall alternatives. In the design, the defined minimum and maximum lengths are indicated.

The best dust control method is the LiteBarrier® dust partition containment system from STARC Systems, which is based on RealWall®. The industry standard, LiteBarrier® technology is known for its unwavering dependability and user-friendly interface. Another lightweight containment material, polycarbonate plastic, is significantly weaker and less resilient than this wall. This fiberglass-reinforced polymer panel, which is fastened to an anodized metal structure, allows for height adjustments of ten to twenty feet. Raising and lowering our panel interface requires very little effort. We can construct a 100-foot-long wall in roughly an hour thanks to our skilled workforce, extensive knowledge base, and sturdy materials.

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From the initial site inspection to the final cleanup, our personnel will be present at the project site during the demolition. In Wellington, our skilled crew can provide temporary wall solutions fast. Walls don’t require frames or other fixed components because they can be molded to fit any given space. We could put up the barriers if you tell us how much weight and height are required.

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