The Top Temporary Wall Systems in Oakland Park

The Top Temporary Wall Systems in Lauderdale Lakes

In Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, a variety of homemade wall and barrier styles are on display. You should get in touch with STARC Systems when an urgent requirement calls for a modular setup. To protect their patrons, STARC Systems have been placed in several venues, including airports, colleges, train stations, shopping malls, and organizations. Both industrialized and developing countries can benefit from this technology due to its robustness and adaptability. Temporary barriers are a common means of providing safety for construction workers. Multifunctional and highly adjustable modular wall solutions are offered by MCS. When applied to a sizable portion of the components, this strategy works well. STARC Systems provides a range of versatile and modular wall systems, including RealWall® and LiteBarrier®. We can easily assemble and disassemble anything because we take great care of everything and have the required tools. Nobody in South Florida is as knowledgeable about temporary wall solutions as our Lauderdale Lakes staff.

How Temporary Walls Improve Your Business

Data centers, schools, hospitals, and bio/life science labs are just a few of the places where STARC Systems’ RealWall®, LiteBarrier®, and FireblockWall® systems have been successfully installed. To guarantee that personnel are swiftly separated from assets or that assets are shielded from weather-related damage while development is continuing, temporary containment walls are frequently used in commercial and industrial settings. Their well-organized design satisfies ASTM E84 or ICRA standards, offering exceptional performance flexibility. In contrast to these panels, however, drywall requires more frequent and costly installation and maintenance.

Starting on the day of purchase, RealWall® panels are covered by a three-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Not enough sound-absorbing material is there to completely block out the unwanted background sounds. We ensure that every panel we provide fits our stringent specifications by having it meticulously made for us in the United States. The time it takes to create drywall can be cut in half using a modular, fireproof containment system. Compared to other temporary wall solutions, the FireblockWall technology performs remarkably well. The minimum and maximum lengths that are defined are indicated in the design.

STARC Systems’ LiteBarrier® dust partition containment system, which is based on RealWall®, is the most effective solution to control dust. Because of its steadfast dependability and intuitive interface, LiteBarrier® technology is the industry standard. This wall is far stronger and more durable than polycarbonate plastic, another lightweight containment medium. Ten to twenty feet of height adjustment are possible with this fiberglass-reinforced polymer panel attached to an anodized metal structure. Our panel interface is incredibly easy to raise and lower with no effort. Our knowledgeable staff, vast knowledge base, and durable materials allow us to build a 100-foot-long wall in about one hour.

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Throughout the demolition, our staff will be on the project site from the first site inspection to the last cleanup. Our knowledgeable team can quickly build temporary wall solutions in Wellington. Walls can be shaped to fit any given space without the need for frames or other fixed components. If you specify the necessary weight and height for the barriers, we might erect them on your behalf.

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